7th Sense - Guitar Tuition with Rick Stokes

The guitar has been around for a long time, and is a very popular instrument to learn, due to its portablity (easier to cart around than a piano or double bass) and its versatility (classical through to rock music). Whether you want to be able to lead a group of singers, write and play your own songs, or play in a band, some skills on the guitar will enhance your life.

Introducing Rick Stokes:

I've been playing and teaching guitar for around 30 years now and have found many shortcuts to things that took me years to discover, like barre chords, scales, what to look for when buying a guitar, etc.

I  offer private lessons in the Motueka area and can also help your school out with lessons for your students.


"I learned more in my first lesson with Rick than all my other lessons so far"


Email   Phone: Motueka 5267882